Expo for International Indoor Air Purification 2020

Provide Ecological Environment Total Solution for Various Kinds of Commercial Space Projects

12-14 August, 2020 , NECC(Shanghai)

Exhibiting Product Category

Indoor air purification

Air purifier, Fresh air system, Filter purification system and accessories

Indoor air treatment
Air monitoring equipment, air pollution control products, photocatalyst products 

Indoor environmental sanitation
Antibacterial and disinfection products, mildew removing products, mites removing products, odor removing products

Purification function material
Purification of decorative materials, antibacterial material, activated carbon, anion material, purification crafts, purification plant

Water purification technology and products
Commercial drinking water equipment, household drinking water equipment, commercial water purification technology and equipment, water purification equipment and accessories

Intelligent environment control system
Indoor environmental control systems and software, intelligent temperature monitoring and control products, intelligent air monitoring and control products, humidity intelligent monitoring and control products