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China Haze pollution catalyzes the air purification market

16.12.2014 10:11

Since 2013, China has continuously suffered from serious haze pollution and other air pollution problems. This change largely raised Chinese citizens’ attention to the prevention of noxious particulate matter (PM) in the air. Thereupon, it drives a new market of household air purification facilities.

According to the information from Shanghai Indoor Contamination Control Industry Association and other reliable sources, air purification products have the highest increasing rates in electric household-machine category for 2013 to 2014 annual statistical report. The entire market volume is increasing rapidly for over 100% annually.

Recently, IEQ2015 organizer’s 3 months-investigation showed that many companies and brands are implementing cross boundary investment in air purification domain, those companies and brands are coming from traditional electric household-machine industry, consuming electronics industry, medical equipment industry, health and care industry, filter material industry, IT industry and many others. Air purification products in the market have increased from less than 50 brands in 2013 to 300 brands now.

In the meanwhile, Chinese government has established much politically good news to show their concern about the air pollution problem. 

First issue of the national air purification machine standard is about to be established to guide the development of the new market.

Currently, 《Air purification》 (GB/T 18801) national standard has finished its comments summary draft. Standardization Administration of China (SAC) estimates to finish the examining and release the standard to public in the first half year of 2015. This standard will help consumers to understand products’ property and specification from the aspects of clean air volume and cumulated cleaning percentage. This standard will also be used to evaluate current disorder situation.

New version of 《Green-architecture evaluation criteria》 is going to take effect, which will accelerates commercial architecture industry to pay attention on indoor air quality.

Chinese government will start to conduct new version of 《Green-architecture evaluation criteria》 on 1st January 2015. Indoor air quality chapter is one of the important chapters in it. Thereafter, commercial architecture will gradually improve the indoor quality by applying better facilities and systems. New commercial architectures will need to take air quality management into concern while designing and developing new buildings.

IEQ Indoor Environment Show will be hold in March 2015 in Shanghai.

IEQ will be hold from 30th March to 1st April 2015 in SWEECC Hall 2. The exhibition has many new air purification administering technologies and products, which include accelerant, static electricity, activated carbon, water filtration, negative ion, and ultraviolet ray. Several products are first showing in China.

During the exhibition, IEQ organizer will carry 5 high quality conferences, and inviting specialists in academic field, manufactory field, OEM companies, wholesalers, real-estate developers, and medical institution to discuss the trend and future of air purification market. For more activity and conference preview, please visit:

IEQ started from year 2002 and closely integrated with the development of indoor environment industry. It has many leading companies participated in previous shows, like, Misubishi, Sharp, Yuan Da, Panasonic, Honeywell, Long Yu and many others. IEQ is the best business platform for experts to take insight and discovery new trends of the industry.

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